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♫ мαѕтєя ρσѕт ♫

яєƒℓє¢тισηѕ – ραят 1
♫ Ghost Love Score – Nightwish ♫ – ♪♪♪

ℓ-σуαℓту, ℓ-σνє, α-ℓℓєgιαη¢є, ρ-яσмιѕє – ραят 2
♫ If I Stand – Jars of Clay ♫ – ♪♪♪

ιηтιмα¢у: α мєєтιηg σƒ тнє мιη∂ѕ – ραят 3
♫ A Stray Child – Yuki Kajiura ♫ – ♪♪♪

ѕυѕтαιηαη¢є – ραят 4
♫ Between the Bars – Elliot Smith ♫ – ♪♪♪

ℓуяє…ℓιαя – ραят 5
♫ Minus the Bear – Double Vision Quest ♫ – ♪♪♪

вℓσσ∂ ιѕ тнι¢кєя тнαη ωαтєя – ραят 6
♫ Melissa Ferrick – The Stranger ♫ – ♪♪♪

єχρєяιєη¢є & αƒтєямαтн – ραят 7
♫ Skin – You Can’t Find Peace ♫ – ♪♪♪

яєqυιєм ƒσя α ∂яєαм – ραят 8
♫ Echoes of Ancient Rome for Lyre – Levy ♫ – ♪♪♪

ηєαя ∂єαтн & яєνєℓαтισηѕ – ραят 9
♫ Breath – Breaking Benjamin ♫ – ♪♪♪

νιgιℓ + αηтє – ραят 10
♫ Warpaint – Majesty ♫ – ♪♪♪

ιηησ¢єηт ιηтιмα¢у σя ιηтєllє¢тυαl ιηтєя¢συяѕє? – ραят 11
♫ Katy Perry – E.T. ♫ – ♪♪♪

¢σηтяα + ∂ι¢тιση – ραят 12
♫ The Mountain Goats – Autoclave ♫ – ♪♪♪

ѕєℓƒ + αηαℓуѕιѕ – ραят 13
♫ Kelly Sweet – We Are One ♫ – ♪♪♪

υηιση σƒ ¢ινιℓιту – ραят 14
♫ The Airborne Toxic Event – Changing ♫ – ♪♪♪

яєƒℓє¢тινє яєνєяιє – I – ραят 15
♫ Ben Lee – Float on ♫ – ♪♪♪

яєƒℓє¢тινє яєνєяιє – II – ραят 16
♫ Jack Johnson – Talk of the Town ♫ – ♪♪♪

яєƒℓє¢тινє яєνєяιє – III – ραят 17
♫ Lacrimosa – Kalafina ♫ – ♪♪♪

ιηηєя ѕαη¢тυм – ραят 18
♫ Fireflight – Wrapped In Your Arms ♫ – ♪♪♪


Inner Sanctum

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Wani ra yana ro aisha. The words echo through my mind, my heart, my very being as warmth, love, adoration, and a gentle state of tranquility…of safety, fills me. ‘I love you’…words never spoken lightly within the Vulcan race, only ever uttered in privacy to the single individual one intends to spend the remainder of their life devoted to.

I am that individual for my T’Naehm Sa-Kai, just as he is for me, an awareness of this ever existent as digits lightly stroke in a Vulcan kiss of a highly intimate variety, minds ever gradually rising together to the surface… The yacht of which we have been dreaming of together for the past three nights –physical contact a touch-telepathic conduit that has shown as of late to join our minds in the midst of sleep– finally fading away.

My T’hy’la’s natural body heat saturates through me as I am held by him, heads upon one pillow, foreheads pressed, our long legs a lazy tangle, one set of our hands interlaced.


Home,’ my mind murmurs, contented, warm lips brushing against a defined clavicle, musing over the dreams of the past few nights.

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Reflective Reverie – III

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My shoulder and upper body come into forceful contact against the thick, wooden door and my hands fumble gracelessly with the lock.

After finally managing to open it, I quickly go into the hall and slide down the door after slamming it shut.

Breathing hard, I perform a quick inventory of my person:

I run a hand over my face, stubbled…

Over my hair, unacceptably disheveled…

Turning my head, I look longingly at the door, knowing that behind it is an insufferably intoxicating Sochya S’chn Spock in a state of semi-undress.

I slide my hand down my person, forgetting momentarily of Sir Tryskellion and Ms. Chelle’s existence, merely curious as to…


Fonn Ashayam’s effect on my very body… lingers.


Tryskellion and Ms. Chelle start at a sudden noise that’s not outside..it’s below deck. “I think that might ‘av been one of the boys.”

Alarmed, he creeps over to the head of the stairs and takes a peek, hunkering down to see. Standing up quickly, whispering to Chelle. “Ohhh, dear. That doesn’t look good.”

Crouching below the tabletop, Chelle stage whispers “What’s there?”

Captain Tryskellion waves her over to the top of the stairs, then whispers in her ear “Bend down and take a look? I can’t tell which one it is, but he’s slid down on the floor!”

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Reflective Reverie – II

•April 27, 2011 • 12 Comments

When morning arrives, the yacht’s captain appears content as he converses with Miss Chelle. “Got a good night’s sleep last night anyway, guests were quiet.” She promptly grins, finding the idea of ‘quiet alien love play’ to be agreeable.

“Probably they were doing their hand thing all night. Very polite, the boys.” To which Tryskellion merely shakes his head. “Right, better get a bath in before you know who …..”

My Ashal-veh and I find ourselves seated at a table not far off, my T’hy’la murmuring, “Hand thing? To what does she refe—oh,” his pointed ears shade pale jade. I, naturally, make no comment on the matter, instead finding a rather fascinating table pattern to take note of.

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Reflective Reverie – I

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Welcome aboard the private yacht ol’boy.” The captain sniffs, “There are rules whilst aboard. Any shimmy-shimmy, and it’s the plank. I run a tight ship. Now…” He grins goodnaturedly.

I incline my head cordially, with an almost imperceptible rising of one upswept brow at the stranger.

Tryskellion nods curtly, “As you were and carry on ol’chap!” He again grins in that puzzlingly jovial manner he incorporates upon his open visage.


I take a step in the direction of the cabins, looking down at the piece of metal on a ring with a key. Number Eight.

Where am I? How did I come to be here? These questions are without importance without the answer of the one that echoes throughout my cranium: “Where is my Fonn Ashayam???”

The last thing I am able to recall was what occurred after he and I retired to our quarters. I adjust the small burden of a rucksack upon my shoulders, and catch a glimpse of my reflection in a small rounded window. Adjusting the knitted skullcap of a soft grey material back down over the pointed tips of my ears, I turn back in the direction of Sir Tryskellion. He must have seen, but he made no comment…Fascinating…

Arriving at the end of a corridor, while still looking behind me, I stumble against the warmed skin of my T’hy’la. He is speaking with a woman who is somewhat enthralled with the shade of his skin. Her head tilted to one side, as she looks from his uncovered ears to my own.

I grasp his hand behind his back protectively and affectionately, but privately.

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Union of Civility

•April 27, 2011 • 18 Comments

It is time.

Sochya and I are never late. We are always punctual, if not early, to arrive.

Therefore, we arrive at Captain Kirk’s quarters precisely .3 minutes prior to the time we were asked to arrive. I turn my head, holding my T’hy’la’s hand brazenly.

Such public displays-of affection are neither condoned, nor encouraged, in our native habitat. However we do not find ourselves on Vulcan as, our beloved planet no longer exists.

Before the steady clip of boot heels approaches, on the other side of the entrance I take a calculated risk. I bring sensitive digits to my mouth. Terran kisses, while holding Kefeh’s gaze with my own. “We are one.”

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Self + Analysis

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Mindful digits lower to smooth and adjust idle rumples within the formal uniforms we selected together, the natural heat of my T’Naehm Sa-Kai’s body reaching out to warmly greet my touch as sensitive palms retrace the very same steps they had taken over a strong torso not fifteen point eight minutes previously. The utter awareness of the lack of true, and indeed slick, bare contact is not lost me, a faint, pensive crease developing between elegantly upswept eyebrows. I note with…something more than intrigue, that there exists in me in this moment more a desire to remove, than to adjust. To peel away each piece of fabric with an unhurried reverence, to see you again, to touch, to feel, to map, to memorize inch after inch…a deep inner hunger to…learn. Everything of you. Why?

Did not need to ask…do not know the reason.
Everything that I believe…is right here.
Not thinking about tomorrow…could not catch it if I tried.
World is spinning too fast, so I will wait until it comes to me.

Brown hues flicker to meet a mirror pair that stares unwaveringly back into mine. Into me. Through me, to the very core of my existence. Not for the first time this evening, a near imperceptible tremor touches my spine. For those perceptive enough to take note, while we may be outwardly identical in appearance…much like an actual reflection, we are opposite. Perhaps it is in this, that the source of it all lies. A drawing of opposites that, only when placed together as one, can create a single entity, complete and whole. War & Peace, one not able to exist without the other.

I am you…you are me. We are one.
Take me in your arms…and flow through me. I will flow through you.
Steal my breath away, because I am so moved by you.
Deeper than I ever thought was possible, was possible, it is everything, ohh…

Thoughts stray to those had in our shared shower, a cinematic mind reviewing my unspoken desires, expanding upon encounters between us in the past that should –in theory– never have inspired arousal, and yet… …Even as my thoughts wander, digits tug lightly at the hem of your uniform top to complete my self-appointed task of adjusting. I am fascinated as always, despite the dusting of veridian along the tips of pointed ears, by your affect on me. Our affect on one another…as though participants of a dance only we know the steps to.

Difference between me and you? It is all in where your heart lies.
And every day is another chance, so let us get it right.
I am you…you are me. We are one.
Take me in your arms…and flow through me. I will flow through you.

I lean to place a single, chaste Terran kiss to the tip of your nose, assessing the emotions stirred just beneath the surface of you, conscious of the fact that you no doubt followed a mental path similar to mine in some degree or other. If not further than I…for it has not passed my observant notice that there is a side to you that you have refrained from fully revealing to me. A side that shows at times within your dark gaze, within the lines of your body, within a shift in your tone…a side with a power and control capable of bringing me to my knees in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Heart, Soul, and Mind.
…My Trensu…
I cannot claim to not be enticed by its dangerous mystery, to desire nothing more than to offer myself willingly to it, to fully submit to you in trust and in faith that you will never endanger my life again. Why, then, do you not fully reveal this aspect of your inherent nature to me?

Did you lose yourself out there? Did you lose faith and give up?
Do not turn away and hide yourself. Because there is a friend to make along the way.
We are the heartbeat and our souls speak. And all the beauty I have ever dreamed?
Is right here in front of me, ohh… Is right here in front of me.

I incline my head minutely, straightening an already impeccable posture, turning back to our reflection in the mirror as hands come to fold neatly behind me. We are ready. We are awaited. Should this evening result in the manner I suspect…tonight is likely my last as First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. We will not be separated. Where my betrothed is sent, so shall I be. I am a man with a new purpose. A being incomplete without my counterpart. A kafeh incapable of fathoming a life where my Trensu is not also present for me to stand beside, a united force as one. Gazes meet once more via our reflections.

I am you…you are me. We are one.
Take me in your arms…and flow through me. I will flow through you.

Without you, there is no me. Without you, it is as though all colors are gray. Without you, there is only emptiness.

I watch as your hand extends to brush fingertips with mine in a Vulcan kiss, an exchange of both quiet intimacy and reassurance in regard to our evening ahead.

Yes. I will hold fast to you. Until I draw my final breath.

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