Reflective Reverie – III

My shoulder and upper body come into forceful contact against the thick, wooden door and my hands fumble gracelessly with the lock.

After finally managing to open it, I quickly go into the hall and slide down the door after slamming it shut.

Breathing hard, I perform a quick inventory of my person:

I run a hand over my face, stubbled…

Over my hair, unacceptably disheveled…

Turning my head, I look longingly at the door, knowing that behind it is an insufferably intoxicating Sochya S’chn Spock in a state of semi-undress.

I slide my hand down my person, forgetting momentarily of Sir Tryskellion and Ms. Chelle’s existence, merely curious as to…


Fonn Ashayam’s effect on my very body… lingers.


Tryskellion and Ms. Chelle start at a sudden noise that’s not’s below deck. “I think that might ‘av been one of the boys.”

Alarmed, he creeps over to the head of the stairs and takes a peek, hunkering down to see. Standing up quickly, whispering to Chelle. “Ohhh, dear. That doesn’t look good.”

Crouching below the tabletop, Chelle stage whispers “What’s there?”

Captain Tryskellion waves her over to the top of the stairs, then whispers in her ear “Bend down and take a look? I can’t tell which one it is, but he’s slid down on the floor!”


~ by T'Naehm on April 27, 2011.

18 Responses to “Reflective Reverie – III”

  1. Breathing hard, naturally rapid heart beating that much swifter against my side, I stare after the now gone T’Naehm, left winded against the desk we had quite nearly been…working on…

    There is a tremor to my palm as I trace over rips and tears to the new clothing purchased just the day prior, hand…lowering… Eyes close at the wave of arousal that does nothing for my already compromised state.

    I am quick to cease, hands coming to rest against the edge of the desk just behind me as a means of grounding and steadying myself, grateful if nothing else that Tryskellion and Chelle are both above deck at present.

    I am left now to my bemusement with my Trensu.


    Chelle bends down as told, eyes wide open. Softly “Oh my god. The poor darling, what happened to him?”

    Tryskellion whispers back at Chelle, “How the bloody hell should I know? I don’t ask questions! Picked a bloody good time for this. I was ready for me bunk. Up late with the batteries last night, now this t’night.”

    Chelle sympathizes with Tryskellion, equally weary, “Right, but we can’t just go to our quarters now. Perhaps he needs help?”

    • Rising to my feet, I turn and nearly punch the wall beside the door, although I am far from angered. What is this new torturous emotion wrung from the depths of me??? I thread long digits through the untidy hair on my skull and I turn suddenly.

      Not seeing anyone, I shake my head. Now my imagination is malfunctioning?! But it brings to remembrance our location…and our cohabitant Chelle and host Sir Tryskellion … I observe the gilded metal “8” on our door, tracing the curved with one olive-skinned digit, before I head above deck for fresh sea air.


      Tryskellion waves his hands about “Shhhhh! Keep yer voice
      down. God knows what’s up. Aliens remember?”

      Chelle nods and whispers “Perhaps it’s part of their alien love play, who knows. Better watch from here in case they really need help.”

      Tryskellion shakes his head ushering her away from the stairs “Get back to yer chair! Sit down, look normal!”

      • Tryskellion slumps quickly in his chair, picks up a newspaper, discards it, lights a cigarette, speaking in a normal voice. “Err…. nice weather t’day?

        Chelle sits down, grabs a book about navigation and opens it. “Yes, nice weather today…”

        He puffs on his cigarette nervously. “Hmm, yes, nice. Nice weather.” He looks about the room, quickly gets up and turns up the lights. “Can’t read yer book in the dark love. Early start for you then.”

        Raises his voice slightly. “Be off to bed in a short while, about or so.”


        Carefully pushing myself away from the desk, I pause before the full-length mirror to better inspect my person and the angry jade marks left by my Sa-Kai, my disheveled hair…fully aware that I cannot exit the room in such a condition.

        As such, clothing is gingerly removed, my customary uniform being donned, the space of our ‘quarters’ aboard this yacht suddenly stifling.

        A last glance is offered to the desk prior to my exiting.

        My Trensu is not present in the hall, so I proceed above deck, mindfully smoothing my hair.

        Perhaps a refreshment?

  2. Still, my heart is slamming against my side and ribs. Still, the rapid succession affects my equilibrium. Still, my fingers can feel the elevated temperatures of Fonn Ashayam’s…

    I nearly stumble over Chelle & Tryskellion who appear to be overly…preoccupied. I look back down the stairs in my Ashalik’s direction, wondering how much of what occurred, was audible.

    I clear my throat to address Ms. Chelle and Sir Tryskellion “Good—” but then I falter, realizing I have no concept of time due to our…activities. Is it evening, night, or just before dawn? I find the moon, then. Straight overhead. Ah.

    Ms. Chelle stands up, waves and whispers hastily “Good night.” She quickly leaves on tip-toe presumably to her quarters*.

    Tryskellion stares a bit wide eyed at me, then watches in horror as Chelle excuses herself. A rueful expression that say “Thanks, ol’girl.” as loudly as if he used his voice.

    “Good evening, ol’boy.” he says with a frown “You alright? Looks like you need a bit of fresh air!”

    He looks around, I assume for my Sochya, but he does not inquire. Instead, he takes a nervous puff on his cigarette, blowing smoke considerately away from my nasal passages. “Be off to bed soon?”

    • Stepping out into the evening air, I am grateful for the cool caress against previously excessively heated flesh. Eyes close momentarily as my lungs expand with a deep intake of breath, exhaling softly.

      The feel of someone stepping passed me draws my attention to Chelle whom appears to be turning in.

      Familiar voices draw my gaze, soon seeing my Sa-Kai conversing with our host Tryskellion. Approaching carefully, I incline my head cordially in greeting, chancing a surreptitious glance to T’Naehm…my Trensu, assessing his state.

      Tryskellion remains seated in his chair, not knowing where to look. The lights bright, he notices his felines hiding behind another chair.

      • I incline my head cordially in Tryskellion’s direction, refraining from my customary salute, as it is foreign to this place & time. Though I am not certain my limbs would obey me, now that I have noted Sochya’s presence.

        A feline winds its sleek body around my ankles and I bend at once to lift its purring face to my own. “Fascinating.”

        I try to mimic the sound, with a 96.3% success rate. Bidding the creature farewell, I deposit its person into the sea-man’s arms.

        Tryskellion nodded when Fonn Ashayam entered the deck house, glancing in my direction with apprehension. His face is suddenly panicked, as though in India, caught between two charging elephants. He eases himself out of the chair, smiling nervously at my petakov as he accepts one of his cats from me.

        “Thanks ol’boy. I er… be joining Chelle, and er… leave you to your FonnAshayam.”

        He grins inanely “Er…Not actually joining Chelle, of course, she’s got her own bunk, bed, room.”

        He turns to Sochya and grins again “Love to stay and chat but Ashal Veh and you look… like you need to have a chat, so I’ll be off! Help yerselves to drink and makes yerselves at home. Sort of.” He searches briefly for his other feline, holding his breath. “Night!”

  3. “May you sleep well, Tryskellion.” I incline my head lightly, observing as he turns around, quickly taking his leave and returning to his cabin.

    Ear tips dusting a pale jade at the implication, folding my hands neatly behind me…before drifting my gaze back to my intended, a quiet descending between us in the absence of others.

    I remain silent for a number of shared breaths, studying T’Naehm. “I trust..your taking your leave in such a manner was not a fault on my part, Trensu?”

    I cannot help but feel as though I am the direct cause for his fleeing.

    Below deck, Tryskellion deposits his feline on the floor. “Bloody hell that was close. Where’s you sister kitty? She still upstairs?” He rubs his face. “Domestics,” he voices to no one.

    “Oh Christ I’ve left the bloody chocolate liqueur on the side up there.” He screws his eyes shut. “Angels protect me.”

    Despite himself, however, he listens with his ear to the door. “Bloody sound proofing, can’t hear a bloody thing.”

    • My head inclined to Sochya’s preposterous insinuations, I am nearly replying when a little “Mew.” interjects.

      I reach down & lift the small animal, stroking her pelt, as she conveys her displeasure at not being the focal point of our conversation. I respond with murmured Vulcan and with reassuring touch.

      Inhaling deeply of the cool night air, I gesture for my Taluhk Sa-kan to walk with me the few steps to the “bow” of the yacht.

      My eyes catch a glint of moonlight. A bottle? I look at it curiously, showing Fonn Ashayam, and arching one angled brow in the pale light.

      • I rest my palms atop the railing along the bow, glancing out at the water as the moonlight shines off it…captivating.

        Looking back to my Sa-Kai, I, too, lift an eyebrow. “…A chocolate liquor?” A hint of disapproval to my tone that there is such a product aboard this yacht. However unsurprising it might be, given Terrans love of chocolate as a whole.

        “Perhaps we might return it to Tryskellion, Ashal-veh?”

  4. A calm but insidious look comes over me as my inner lids close against the sea air, & I gaze Fonn Ashayam ‘s mouth.

    Placing the cat on the wooden deck, I instruct her gently but firmly to remain there.

    I reach for the thick strap around my waist, unfastening it. Once it is off and in my hands, I look at Sochya from under a lowered brow, and take half a step closer.

    • It is as though the very air around us shifts…a shift in body language, gaze, nature…

      My breath stills, flickering to my Trensu’s strong hands and the implement I have grown enticingly…intimately familiar with, the mere effect of viewing it—

      I flush, gaze quick to lift. “W-we are openly visible, Ashal-veh…”

      What if Tryskellion or Chelle were to return? I note the rapid beat of the heart in my side.

      • Nodding in the affirmative, I murmur

        “So we are, Kafeh…

        Out in the brisk sea air where either Tryskellion or Chelle or any one at all can easily view us.

        And whatever I elect to do with you, here…in the salty air.”

  5. A visible tremor curls its way down my spine at his words, at the validity that yes…he could do anything to me wherever he so chose.

    For I am his.

    I feel myself stir even as eyes close and I turn to brace hands against the railing once more, my clothed posterior exposed to him…head bowing subserviently.

    At his will, always.

    Offering him that which he alone merits so completely of me.

    My trust.

    “I am yours whether you desire me in private or open air, Trensu.”

    • Bringing the strap to my lower lip, I tilt my head at Sochya’s perfect trust.

      I chuckle as I realize there is a residual droplet of his emerald blood on the strap, closest to my lips, I lick it off before tracing the curve of his posterior fondly.

      “Precious Kafeh, Fonn Ashayam. I would never breech the sanctity of our bed while there lies the danger of someone witnessing our intimacy.” I grasp his shoulders & gently turn my sa-kan toward me.

      “The audio evidence of your pleasure excepted, I am the sole beneficiary of your beauty, my T’hy’la.”

      I lower myself to one knee before my Sa-kai…to pick up the obedient feline.

      “Hold her.”

      • I watch, stunned into silence…honored, endeared…a warmth of quiet but strong love to my gaze following his words.

        He takes his belt to gently and securely tie the bottle of liquor to the feline I am now holding.

        There is never a time when I am not reminded why I trust T’Naehm.

        From the core of my being.

        Heart, Body, Soul.

        I observe as his hand lifts to stroke the feline’s head.

  6. The soft animal begins its rumble sound when I cradle her skull in my hands and speak to her softly.

    I look up my sa-kai intermittently

    “Pi-harr…it is time for you to return to your trensu.
    It was very naughty of you to disobey him, to linger here.
    You must go to him now with a humble spirit, but do not fear Pi-harr!
    What you lack in tail & stature, your Master makes up for in Love.”

    • I listen quietly, observing T’Naehm all the while, drawing…parallels as the feline continues to purr, meowing softly once.

      Lowering onto one knee myself, a mirror reflection of my Trensu, I politely set the feline onto her feet again, so she might return to her Master.

      He no doubt noted the absence of his possessions.

      The agile creature takes her leave, and brown hues lift to meet a mirror pair.

      “…You fascinate me.” Demurely murmured.

      Not the first time I have voiced such to my intended, but no less true in this moment.


      • My Fonn Ashayam meets me where I am.

        The simplicity of this…

        I could attribute the sensation to the unsteady waves, if the sea was not perfectly calm.

        I know that it is he that unbalances me and keeps me tethered to reality as well as a dream like state.

        These concepts often seem contradictory but, in actuality, they are complimentary. Fitting and perfectly attuned to the beating of our matching hearts in our sides and the forest hued blood that is propelled to our identical extremities.

        Kneeling together Sochya and I raise both hands, lacing slender digits together.

        We meet in the middle as 242 beats simultaneously skip one, we kiss.

        Such a simple thing, a kiss. All our lives we have been surrounded by those that do not appreciate these things, either due to a lack of interest or an abundance thereof.

        We revel in our pace, we languish in the sweet symmetry that we are. It quickens us, it leaves an ache as it is a constant trickle, filling us to overflowing.

        Telepathically, I murmur to my T’hy’la “Wani ra yana ro

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