Intimacy: A Meeting Of The Minds

An intelligent mind is quick to link together the pieces that brought about this anomaly…and this ‘Spock’s’ existence into a world that is not his.

Clearly the lightening storm created a breech between space/time through which a chain of events I am not yet aware of sent him here via transporter malfunction. Difficult to find credible, but his standing before me is undeniable proof.

I wonder if his mind is drawing similar conclusions in regards to alternative universes…

Schooling my expression into smooth stoicism as I lower my hand, clasping it with the other behind me once more, I straighten an already impeccable posture.

“You were injured upon arrival,” a hesitance, “Spock.” My name and my face…so strange.

“…Will you inform me now as to what you recall occurring prior to your arrival?” And with the storm gone…is it even possible to return him? So many unknown variables.


~ by Sochya on April 26, 2011.

10 Responses to “Intimacy: A Meeting Of The Minds”

  1. My initial response is the desire to position my body similarly to…Spock.

    Whatever the probability of encountering a being so like myself, nothing could befall me here that would be equally disagreeable as the certain death that awaits me there.

    My countenance darkens at the memory of my last moments aboard my vessel. This ship, and the inhabitants thereof, pose no threat whatsoever. I do not know precisely when I came to this conclusion, I only know that the answer is looking directly at me with a kinder version of my own eyes. And yet…

    “I will refrain from recounting many details to you, Spock. Suffice it to say, I was sent here, I believe, in effort to spare my life.

    An act of gratitude, from a dying man.”

    • A crease imperceptibly touches my brow, but just as swiftly as it appears, it is gone, impassivity reigning as I consider both him and his words.

      To spare his life…he had be been sent away altogether? His situation had been that grave?

      “Noted. I shall relay this to the Captain,” soon enough, “and we shall endeavor to encounter a means to return you. At present, however, I state again that you have not fully recovered, and should relocate to your biobed.”

      • Despite brutal pain behind my ear, I approach him swiftly, enveloping his wrist within my hand

        “Shroi, Spock! Dewk’a Sasu…” * *

        I lose balance, landing on the Vulcan I can only assume to be my equal in every physical way. We collide with the wall opposite

        “You must not return me to my vessel, Spock. There…it is Ran, Ki’fa…or Pustau.” ***

        My eyes search his for something I am not remotely familiar with. Kindess…Mercy.

        * * Listen…country-man
        *** Kill, Kill in Self-Defence…or Be put to Death

  2. I stiffen marginally at the abrupt physical contact, first wrist, then his body to mine as his imbalance causes us to crash somewhat in a stumble against the wall..but the swirl of unfamiliar emotion I expect..never comes.

    While the emotions conveyed are indeed not my own, they are not unfamiliar…because at base level we are the same.

    My mind runs over this even as I focus completely on him, endeavoring to overlook the fact that he has not moved away from me…perhaps his balance renders him unable.

    Kill or be killed…that is the world he comes from. Returning him would be a death sentence.

    I search his gaze from this proximity even as I pull my wrist carefully from his grasp, digits grazing unintentionally in the process, stilling my breath and causing a light green to touch the tips of pointed ears.

    My hand is quick to return to my side.

    “I do s’frei*…” Utan’es* *. “Ra dungi du than la***…should you remain?”

    * Understand
    * * Compassion
    *** What will you do here

    • I have suffered the loss of a great deal of our copper based life force and I cannot draw my body upright, at first.

      When I am made aware of this, my gaze locks onto his, seeing the desire for understanding; recognizing Utan’es…compassion. A concept I cannot comprehend.

      Touch, however, is a common cause for concern. Nevertheless, I find myself roughly reaching for him again even as his skin color would indicate a desire for me to refrain from doing so. It is imperative that I am understood.

      I place his fingers over my psi-points, and relay my awareness that this is not what he wants. That I must, at this moment think of my survival…and his part in ensuring that.

      I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and allow him to search my mind.

      • Continued contact, rougher on this occasion, but before I can voice any protest, touch sensitive digits are aligned with his psi-points.

        It would be a mistruth to claim that I do not seek understanding…am not curious, that the subtle desperation beneath his surface in this regard does not intrigue me…tug at my softer human side.

        And so I dip into his mind, joining us as one, a union of familiarity…aware that he has as much access to me in this fashion as I do him.

        Memories, natures, occurrences, actions.

        I feel the heart in my side clench at the blatant cruelty of his universe, his ‘Federation’ far from the peace-keeping armada that mine is.

        His Captain slain before him…he the next in line for the same..

        To return him would go not only against my more personal nature, but against him…against myself…

  3. It must be stated that the last time I allowed my mind to enter another mind, that person was unable to delve into mine. It was during combat, and the Romulan was not conscious.

    I am not adequately prepared for the onslaught of emotion that pours from me like a deep wound, gushing forth. These feelings assault me, on receiving and transmittal.

    His life! Full of love, from infancy all the way to the present day. He has friends he can actually concede love for, to himself, and during moments he must convey aloud.

    The emptiness of my existence is obvious. All I can exchange for the beauty of the contents of his mind, is Rage, Blood Fear, Violence.

    I hang my head when he has sifted through these “ni’droi’ik nar-tor…Sakai Sochya.”***

    ***Asking forgiveness …Brother Peace

    • A reflection..a mirror…an opposite.

      Each positive aspect of my life, is countered in his by a negative one.

      Light to darkness, love to hate, respect to fear, calm to rage, life to violence..death.

      He embodies war whereas I embody peace.

      I pull back from his mind, somewhat winded by the extent of his isolation, the fact that he had had no one in which he could place confident trust.

      As my hand is already in contact with his face, I lift his gaze to mine, searching there.

      “Thrap-fam’es nufau…Sa-kai T’Naehm.”* * Such was the nature of his universe…he need not apologize for such things.

      “Du dungi fam nam-tor punekwitau fun-tor.”***

      * * Expressing that one is not offended …Brother War

      *** You will not be forced return

      • He holds my head to the level of his very human eyes. Eyes despised by my Sa-Mekh*, for they reminded him of the Mother I never knew.

        My pulse thumps heavily echoing within each of my eardrums, causing the tips of my ears to shade pale jade. I will not be forced to return.

        Here, in the privacy of this individual medical chamber, I allow my emotions to reach my eyes. I repeat his words with tremulous solemnity

        “Sa-Kai Sorchya, Sa-Kai T’Naehm…Spock?* * Nar-tor t’nash-veh t’zaled.”***

        * Father
        * * Brother Peace, Brother War
        ***I accept Loyalty given.

  4. The subtle shift, the emotion that surfaces in his gaze here within our privacy removes any doubt that this may be an ill made decision on my part.

    I have his loyalty… He trusts me in this, and I am aware I could never break that.

    “Du ma t’nash-veh, isha.” I feel his heartbeat..swift and rapid like mine at I lower my hands to his sides so as to better steady him.

    I incline my head in agreement in regards to how he refers to me, carefully guiding him away from the wall and back to the biobed he should have never risen from, seating with him so as to encourage he not stand again.

    “Sa-Kai T’Naehm***…I shall strive to encounter a means to make this acceptable for the time being.”

    His presence on Enterprise. Until he could find a place for himself.

    * * You possess mine, also
    *** Brother War

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